Let’s Parley …

Community and Environment

At Little Fire, we try to be good citizens of everywhere.

We seek to be of benefit to our clients, our team, our community & the environment.

Some might call it greenwashing – it’s not for us to judge.

But we are committed to doing our bit for both community and environment and every month we pledge a proportion of our turnover to the benefit of someone else.



More Trees

We love trees, we’re in Sheffield and there’s loads of them. But there’s always room for more somewhere. So every month we donate a percentage of our turnover (not our profit) to plant trees wherever the need is deemed greatest – improving some of the world’s most denuded environments and providing work for the local communities working on the reforestation projects.

Of Every Pound Spent With Little Fire Digital, Some Goes to Help The Environment

There are others, but we use we use (more:trees) to manage our donations, selecting projects and managing the planting.

It is our ambition that we offset the lifetime carbon footprint of every team member. It’s a big ask and heaven knows it isn’t enough. But, until we think of something better, this is what we’ll do.


Sheffield Tigers RUFC

Sheffield Tigers is one of the many sports clubs in the city doing great things for the community – it just happens to be our favourite. In addition to the senior men’s fifteens, the club hosts a huge youth and juniors sections, an excellent women’s team and the inclusive rugby club Sheffield Vulcans.

Like all organisations like this, it runs on love not money – but money is always needed. Whether it’s donating SendInBlue credits to help with their email marketing or helping with fundraising we always seem to be doing something. Here are another couple of ways in which we help …

Some time ago we built the Tigers their website. It’s fully content managed so that the volunteers at the club can manage the content, adding news and fixture information as they need.

Sheffield Tigers Website


We design and print match-day programmes for the club. It is out ambition that these are the best in the league. It’s a great point for pride for the club as visiting fans admire them.

We work with local printers, Mensa Print who help us meet the crushing deadlines.

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