Let’s Parley …

Cork, Ireland - July 19, 2013: St. Anne's in Shandon and the City of Cork photographed against a beautiful sunset at dusk.
28 May 2018

A short personal piece about not coming from anywhere.
Jagged GLobe Bulk Image Uploader
19 May 2017

It’s rarely easy grafting new code onto old. Existing systems have a way of working which cannot change without significant investment and potential disruption.
10 July 2012

There’s a joke around here: father and son are sitting on a hillside looking over rolling fields. Father turns to son and says “Of course, son, when I were a lad, all this were factories”
Hammersmith Bridge by Victor Cudjoe - Unsplash
23 May 2012

A short personal piece which has very little to do with wheelbarrows.