Web Design

Why Can’t a Website be Free?

In theory, theory and practice are much the same.

In practice they are not.


How Much Should a Website Cost?

It is very confusing, the prices advertised for the creation of a website vary wildly, the field is full of jargon and what is pricing can be confusing.

At Little Fire we believe that to help you to make the right investment, our prices should be explained in some detail.

Why Can’t a Website Be Free?

In theory it probably can, there are a lot of services out there both cheap and very inexpensive. Knock yourself out.

But …

In doing it well, for free, takes both knowledge and time.

You can probably change a washer, but it makes more sense to call a plumber to change a radiator. Yes, you could probably figure it out, but you might tear the plaster and ruin the boiler. Which means you might be kept awake for months by rattling pipes and have to pay for a plasterer and a boiler engineer.

All of a sudden, a plumber seems cheap, right?

The Bigger the Investment, the More Sense it Makes to Pay an Expert

In a similar vein, you can buy a Haynes manual and adjust the brakes on your car yourself if you like. But, for you really feel safe on the that rainy November evening on the motorway, wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if a fully trained and experienced mechanic had done so?

Done Right, A Website Can Be Your Business’s Most Powerful Money Making Asset

Your website is the hub of all your online activities.

In many cases it legitimises your very existence as a business in the 21st century.

In the online world it is your shopfront and your offices and a websites comes much cheaper than the rent or mortgage on a bricks and mortar premises.

It’s also your PR team, your marketing department and increasingly so, your sales team.

Except that it doesn’t need a pension, it never calls in sick, never needs a holiday and doesn’t even clock out for the day and go home.

All of a sudden the website brings at least as much to your business as your company vehicles and if they were offered to you for free would you think it was too good to be true?

There is a saying that’s been credited to a fellow named Andrew Lewis, on Twitter who put it perfectly when he said

”If you’re not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold.”

What Do Little Fire Digital Bring to the Party?

  • Expertise – like the plumber, we’ll do the job faster and better
  • Experience –We’ve done this before. We can make the decisions that help your website perform better for longer with less maintenance
  • We’re a team so you get more:
    • We have dedicated marketing team – a good site with no marketing is less use than a bad website actively marketed
    • We have expert solution builders – team members who have a proven track record of building powerful, successful building solutions
    • We have award winning designers
    • We have award winning illustrators
    • We do this all the time – we have the right tools and we know how to use them
    • We have development and experience and talent – where your project really does require something unique, we have the skills and experience to graft that into your final project

What’s Included

  • The Technical Discovery Phase where we undergo a deep dive into your specific requirements and look at any problems you present us with (or what you want to achieve presents us with) under a proverbial microscope and from that we can produce a Technical Proposal.
  • The Site Design Phase which may or may not include creation of logos and then the design of either a custom build or modification of a template to be recrafted to perfectly suit your needs.
  • Corporate Identity, Branding and Expert Photo Enhancement
  • Content and Copy. Not just words but the right words in the right order and context to be picked up by Search Engines.
  • Privacy, Cookie Policies, Anti Slavery Policy and GDPR compliance
  • Contact forms, content maps and captcha protections for all forms
  • Ecommerce terms of sale
  • Returns policy
  • Product categorisation and research
  • Additional design work
  • Configure payment gateway(s)
  • Configure shipping
  • Beta Testing
  • Custom Development
  • Import and transport database
  • Alpha testing
  • Beta Testing
  • General Project Admin tasks
  • Design review
  • Prelaunch Design review
  • Browser Testing
  • Hosting
  • Software Licences
  • SSL Certificates
  • Email Addresses
  • SMTP (outgoing email handing)
  • SEO
  • Website Maintenance
  • Backups and configurations
  • Launch

And that means and actual expert launch, so we’ll make sure your website works, your emails work, your enquiry forms go to the right place and when someone clicks to dial from their mobile .. that your phone rings/

We can sometimes leave some of these things out and we can probably make a website cheaper. But – we need a good but —

Where Does the Money Go in Website Design?




Copy & content – SEO ready

No Hidden Costs?

In all honesty, we simply can’t and won’t promise it.  

Plugins will need updating, free services will become freemium, freemium services will become premium.

So as your business grows, all those ‘free’ tools that you used to set up your site will quickly start charging you for a piece of the action.

We have all found that they offer just enough features to make you wish that you had more and you’ll have to upgrade to pro to make it work slicker and simpler and save you time and before you know it…  it was cheaper to use an agency who had all the right tools, knowledge and experience, just like the plumber and the mechanic did earlier, than it was to get it for free or to go with the cheaper company.

And we know this field, we can avoid most of the common pitfalls of what seems to be good on the surface.

One thing we can and will promise is that we will never be the smiling assassins offering cheapness and freebies when it’s not in your best interests to take up such offers.

We will be transparent. We will be honest and we will always put what you need at the front and centre of any decision making process.

But other than that there’s no good reason why websites can’t be free.