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Yes, we know, we’re worse than most about keeping our website up to date. But we are busy all the time.

Nonetheless, we’ll try to keep you in the loop with what we’re doing, what’s new online and in our heads.

And we’ll do that here.

Hay Wines’ New Website

We’ve just set up a new Shopify store for Hay Wines – an independent wine dealer in Ledbury.
AFC Wimbledon fans in 2016 © AFC Wimbledon and The Dons Trust


How Little Fire Digital‘s silky web development skills helped bring AFC Wimbledon home – a joyful tale of insane deadlines and madcap football fans.

Core Climbing

This summer we’ve been delighted to redesign the new website for local outfit, Core Climbing. Working closely with the client we updated and simplified the existing design. With such strong and colourful product photography, we were able to strip the design right back to simple black and white. The vibrant corporate green used as an accent colour and call to action across the site.
Cork, Ireland - July 19, 2013: St. Anne's in Shandon and the City of Cork photographed against a beautiful sunset at dusk.

Cork City

A short personal piece about not coming from anywhere.
Jagged GLobe Bulk Image Uploader

A Little Case Study

It’s rarely easy grafting new code onto old. Existing systems have a way of working which cannot change without significant investment and potential disruption.

Why has my Website Disappeared from Google

Recently we have had calls because business owners are saying their sites aren’t showing up in Google search even when they type in their own company name. With all four of these sites, I found some obvious reasons for the sites not ranking well such as no security certificate or the site wasn’t mobile friendly – but, it wasn’t […]

1ast Pharmacy

New Sheffield Pharmacist 1ast Pharmacy – opens with new website and associated publicity.
Hammersmith Bridge by Victor Cudjoe - Unsplash

Fathers’ Day

A short personal piece which has very little to do with wheelbarrows.

Blackburn Meadows

There’s a joke around here: father and son are sitting on a hillside looking over rolling fields. Father turns to son and says “Of course, son, when I were a lad, all this were factories”
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