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Yes, we know, we’re worse than most about keeping our website up to date. But we are busy all the time.

Nonetheless, we’ll try to keep you in the loop with what we’re doing, what’s new online and in our heads.

And we’ll do that here.

Clear answers to technical questions from Little Fire Digital

Code-First or Database-First?

So what is Database First? Put simply
Dropshipping - just what is it?

What is Dropshipping?

Another one of those buzzwords flying around the web or a realistic path into owning an e-commerce business? You decide.
Image by libepe from Pixabay

Another Little Case Study

Another little integration for Jagged Globe. This time we’re getting CKEditor to talk to the database.

What is the Best CMS?

There is no shortage of content management systems available for website design and development. There is also no shortage of bigotry when it comes to which CMS is best to use.
Handwriting text writing Too Good To Be True. Concept meaning Extraordinarily Fantastic but Doubtful Unthinkable.

Why Can’t a Website be Free?

In theory it probably can, there are a lot of services out there both cheap and very inexpensive. Knock yourself out. But …

What is SEO?

Find out more about the dark arts behind getting your website to the top.

What is Technical Debt?

The stories occasionally hit the news, a bank‘s systems go down – the technology as remained unwritten for decades and now it no longer serves.
An assortment of TLAs and their close relations

What is a TLA?

Too many Three Letter Acronyms (TLA)? The internet is full of them. We’ve written this jargon buster to help you tame these confusing and intimidating blighters.
What is DNS? It’s the system by which everything is reached worldwide across the internet.

What is DNS?

It’s a question we hear often. Put simply its the set of instructions to make your domain name do as you want.
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